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Learning to Drive: Your Questions Answered

by Marsha Hudson

If you're learning to drive, you may have some questions about driving lessons and the test that you need to pass to get a licence. This article answers some common questions that learners may have about the process of learning to drive. Read on to discover more!

1) What's involved in learning to drive?

During your driving lessons, you will develop the ability to drive on public roads safely. It will include a range of exercises such as reversing, turning and parking. You'll also need to demonstrate how to use road signs and markings to navigate your way around and give way to other road users.

2) What do you need to do to prepare for your first lesson?

Make sure you have your learners permit with you, as well as your driver's license if you already hold one (or other photo identification). It is also good to bring a notepad and pen and a copy of the Australian road rules. You should also wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements when you reach for the controls or turn your head to check your mirrors or blind spots.

3) What are some common mistakes beginner drivers make?

Not using their indicators when changing lanes or turning sounds like a basic skill, but even experienced drivers sometimes do this! Driving too slow or fast for the conditions, not checking their mirrors often and not being aware of other road users are also common mistakes. 

4) How do you book a practical test?

Once you have completed your driver training and feel confident enough to take the test, you must make an appointment with the local transport authority. You can do this by visiting their website or by phoning them directly. The cost of the practical driving test will vary depending on your location.

5) What if you fail your driving test?

Failing the practical driving test means you need more practice before taking it again. You should resist the urge to give up completely! However, if you do fail, find out what went wrong so you can practise specific skills for next time and improve your chances of passing.

If you have any other questions about learning to drive, be sure to speak to a driving instructor or local transport authority. They'll be able to provide you with more information about the driving test and how to prepare for it.