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  • Truck Licence Training: Understanding the Important Aspects of Assessment

    13 December 2016

    If you want to drive trucks, you must acquire a heavy vehicle licence. This document is issued to individuals who have received training and are able to successfully pass the assessment test. Generally, the examination is given by Heavy Vehicle Accredited Providers. If you satisfy their standards, you will be presented with a Certificate of Competence. Here are the crucial details that you should understand with regard to the heavy vehicle assessment test.

  • What to do when starting a new job in construction

    19 April 2016

    Starting a new job is always stressful, regardless of what line of work you're starting in. Construction work is even more stressful in that sense, as it's one of the types of jobs where you quite easily can be put in danger when you're working. In order to stay safe on your workplace directly from the start, and to make sure you do the best job possible, there are a few things you should think about as you're starting your new construction job.

  • Staying After Graduation: How To Extend Your Australian Student Visa

    27 February 2015

    The international student community is large and made of many nationalities. Australia also has a thriving economy when compared to much of the world, with employment prospects to match. It's hardly surprising that many students want to stay on in Australia after their studies, whether it's for postgraduate studies or to seek employment and build a life down under. If you or someone you know is a foreign national studying in Australia, what are the options for staying after graduation?